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2005 MTA Annual Meeting

More than 1100 MTA members served as elected delegates to the 160th MTA Annual House of Delegates Meeting, at the Hynes Auditorium, in Boston, May 13th and 14th.

Representing Brockton were BEA members:
Susan Anderson, West JH
Nancy Guilford, Raymond
Susan J. Costigan, BHS
Fran Johnson, BHS
Susan G. Costigan, East JH
Martha Duggan, East JH
Kathleen Ettinger, Central
Karen Kenwood, Raymond
Josephine Bernard, Belmont
Robert Tocci, BHS
Bernardine Quill, West JH
Kelly LaBelle, Kennedy
Andrew Gentile, West JH
Gerald Conefrey, Whitman
Judy Kavanagh, BHS
*Margaret Adams, Central
Linda Monkevich, South JH
Brian Pendergast, BHS
Eileen Cleary, BHS
Barbara Garvey, South JH
Melissa McLaughlin, BHS
Judith Greene, South JH
Erin Andrews, South JH
Colleen Murphy-Keane, West JH
Lourenco Garcia, BHS
Joaquim Andrade, BHS
Jessica Woodworth, North JH
Angelo Montrond, BHS
Michael McKenna, East JH
Chris Doherty, North JH
Joseph Arsenault, South JH
*Timothy Sullivan, South JH
*Joseph O'Sullivan, BEA President
* Denotes MTA Board Member

Delegates passed the 2005-2006 Budget which represents an increase of $8.00 in MTA Dues.

Dennis Van Roekel, Vice-President of the NEA was the Keynote Speaker. He was warm, engaging, humorous and yet poignant in addressing the issues facing public education today. He continued with the theme started by Anne Wass that we need to take charge and change the leader in the white House to at least an education-sensitive president. Comparing an education activist to being a dyed in the wool Red Sox fan who faced eons of World Series losses with broken hearts and buckets of tears, VP Van Roekel said, "it hurts to care. It hurts and it is embarrassing to not achieve the goals for education." He also said that "if a foreign country had done to education what we (referring to our current federal administration)have done, it would be considered an act of war!"

Mr. Van Roekel refers to himself as a teacher who just happens to be the Vice-President of the NEA. He told the delegates that the time is theirs - they are "the happening" today on the education timeline and that they have 3 Presidents as spokespersons for education: NEA President Reg Weaver, MTA President Boudreau and (in Brockton), President O'Sullivan. These leaders are leading us to change - change is hard and he quoted Dilbert as saying "change is good; you go first!' We must look at what the problems in education are and make a change. He quoted Albert Einstein: "the definition of insanity is to do everything the same over and over and expect a change." Mr. Van Roekel said we cannot do what we did in th 2004 presidential election and expect a different outcome. We need to do something different -- we need to do whatever it takes to make a change.

In closing, NEA V-P Van Roekel quoted FDR: "the test of our progress is not the abundance of those who have much but to provide enough to those have too little."

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