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Social Security Offsets February 10, 2004


Social Security Offsets February 10, 2004

Respect Public Service: Repeal Social Security Offsets

Update on the National Education Association's
Campaign to Eliminate the Government Pension Offset
And Windfall Elimination Provision

February 10, 2004


Action Alert!

Help Bring GPO/WEP Repeal Before the Full House!
Call Your U. S. Representative NOW

  • The Vehicle
    H.R. 743, the Social Security Protection Act, comes before the House on Wednesday, February 11.

    H.R. 743 includes the NEA-opposed provision (Sec. 418) that would eliminate the option for teachers in Texas and Georgia to protect their Social Security spousal benefits from the Government Pension Offset (GPO) by transferring to a district covered by Social Security for as little as one day (the one-day rule).

  • The Plan
    Rep. Martin Frost (TX) has indicated that he will attempt to amend H.R. 743 by striking this provision and substituting H.R. 594 that would fully repeal the GPO and Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP).

  • The Critical Votes:

    1. The House will vote first on accepting the bill as is with the NEA-opposed language on the one-day rule. This is called a "Motion on the Previous Question."

    Urge your Representative to vote NO on the "Motion on the Previous Question."

    If the majority of House members vote NO and the "Motion on the Previous Question" fails, Rep. Frost will be allowed to introduce his amendment

    2. The Frost Amendment would strike the provision on the one-day rule (Sec. 418) and substitute H.R. 594, the McKeon-Berman full repeal bill.

    Urge your Representative to vote YES on the Frost Amendment.

  • What this Means: OPPORTUNITY!
    If the motion to accept H.R. 743 as is (the "Motion on the Previous Question") fails and the Frost Amendment passes, full repeal - for the first time - will be before the full House.

Call your U.S. Representative's local office or Washington D.C. office.
You can reach the Capitol Hill Switchboard at 202-224-3121

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