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2003 MassCARE Convention

Working for Equity and Excellence in our
Public Schools, Not MCAS

Pubic School Parents! Teachers ! High School Students!

Participate in the 2003 MassCARE Convention
Saturday, April 12, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Small Science Auditorium, U/Mass Boston

The Massachusetts Coalition for Authentic Reform in Education (MassCARE) is inviting teachers and parents who are concerned about the MCAS graduation requirement to attend a convention on April 12. The MTA and MassCARE are both members of the Alliance for High Standards NOT High Stakes, which advocates for evaluating students, teachers and schools based on multiple measures of achievement, not a single test. Below is a copy of the MassCARE release announcing the convention.

MassCARE Needs You!
Come to the second annual convention, April 12,
to strategize and mobilize against the MCAS graduation requirement

MassCARE, the Massachusetts Coalition for Authentic Reform in Education, will hold its second annual convention on Saturday, April 12, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at UMass/Boston in the Small Science Auditorium

Titled, Working for Equity and Excellence in our Public Schools, Not MCAS the convention's goals are as follows:

Participants include: Boston City Councilors Chuck Turner and Felix Arroyo; elected School Committee members Alan Price (Cambridge) , David Kotz (N'hampton), Paul Dunphy and Michael Hussin (Amherst); Parent leaders Larry Ward (MassCARE), Jackie Dee King (MassCARE) , Angela Grattaroti (Leominster), Myanna O'Brien-Myers (Chicopee), Josiane Hudicourt-Barnes (Cambridge) and Ruth Kaplan (Brookline); Teachers Michael Heichman (Chelsea), Tracy Novick (Worcester), and Linda Sarage (Easthampton); Union leaders Richard Stutman (BTU) and Paul Phillips (Quincy MTA); Educators Jean McGuire, Meg Robbins, Monty Neill, Lew Gitelman and Rob Riordan; Student Leaders from Project Hip Hop, Teen Empowerment and SCAM; Legal experts Roger Rice, Jane Lopez , Tim Plenk and Sumner Kaplan.

10:15 AM Opening Plenary: The Attacks on our Public Schools.
11:00 AM Group discussions: Setting our agenda to respond to the most serious budget and equity problems facing our schools.
12: 30 PM Lunch
1:30 PM Working Groups: Tackling Tasks Ahead:

3:00 PM: Reports from Working Groups
3:30 PM: Closing Plenary: A Diploma for Every Deserving Senior!

Registration Form to Participate in 2003 MassCARE Convention:

Print, fill out and mail this form with your check,
or Register on line with a credit card at:

Name ______________________________________________________


City or town __________________________Zip___________________


Parent_____ Teacher_____Student_______Concerned Citizen_______

Registration Donation to offset Convention costs:
General - $25; Larger donations allow us to subsidize students and others.
Single Parents, Students, Unemployed - $12.00 or whatever you can contribute.

If you need child care please contact by April 1st.

Please make check or money order payable to CAREFUND and mail to:
342 Broadway
Cambridge, MA 02139
Or, Register online at

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