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NEA RA 2006

NEA RA 2006 NEA RA 2006 NEA RA 2006


Brockton Education Association Delegates:
Josephine Bernard, Eileen Cleary, Kathy Ettinger, Nancy Guilford
Karen Kenwood, Bill Ryle, Joseph O'Sullivan and Timothy Sullivan.


Tim SullivanMore than 8800 delegates met at this year's NEA Representative Assembly in Orlando, Florida. Under the umbrella theme of A BASIC RIGHT - GREAT PUBLIC SCHOOLS, delegtes worked on nearly 80 new business items including those dealing with immigration and the right to a great public education for all children in America!

The July 4th celebration was highlighted by the performance of the NEA Chorus. Brockton's Tim Sullivan represented Massachusetts in a medley of beautiful and moving song.



Zach Galvin Board of Directors Administrators At-Large is Zach Galvin, an assistant principal from Natick Massachusetts. Zach decided just before the RA to run for the one-year term. He had incredible support from Massachusetts delegates and he won in a run-off election.

A Constitutional Amendment put the word public in front of education in the preamble -- afterall, the NEA is dedicated to a "great public education for every child."

Teacher of the year was Kimberly Oliver, a kindergarten teacher from Maryland. Faced with her school closing due to underperformance, Kim and her colleagues worked to keep the school open, and they succeeded. "I decided to become a teacher because of dedicated teachers like you, I loved my daycare teacher, Mrs. Emma Jean Chandler, and the passion that she had for teaching impacted me in so many ways that I can't even begin to describe. At that point in time, I decided that I wanted to be just like Mrs. Chandler."

NEA honored Nancy Toombs, ESP of the Year and a custodial supervisor at South Heights Elementary in Henderson, Kentucky. ‘At South Heights, everyone—students, staff, parents, teachers, and community members— are a team... We know it takes all of us, doing our very best, for our students to succeed,” Toombs said. But Toombs certainly does more than her part, as she organizes events for students, works with parents and teachers, and leads her KEA and ESP colleagues.

Radio listeners across the country know Tom Joyner for his ability to generate belly aching laughter on his daily morning show. Education, however, is no laughing matter to this radio personality. For his constant commitment and dedication to quality public schools, the National Education Association is awarding the Tom Joyner Foundation its 2006 Friend of Education Award.

NEA President Reg Weaver stressed in his speech.....

Reg Weaver "Because public education—at all levels—only has room for those who have a passion for teaching and learning.

Public education only has room for those who are truly committed.

And public education only has room for those who believe that every child can learn.

Public education only has room for those who believe great public schools are the basic right of every child—and of every student, not just some—not just those of a certain race, creed, or certain color, a certain sexual orientation, those whose parents work the right jobs or live in the right places—but for every child—and for every student!"

Brockton Delegates to the 2006 NEA RA!

NEA RA 2006 NEA RA 2006 NEA RA 2006
NEA RA 2006 NEA RA 2006

Pictures taken by Kathy Ettinger

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