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Massachusetts Teachers Association Annual Meeting
May 7-8, 2010

MTA Annual Meeting Day 1

MTA members are gathered at the Hynes Convention Center for the association’s 165th meeting. Opening ceremionies included the outstanding performance of the National Anthem by the BEA President Dr. Timothy D. Sullivan.

Dangerously Irrelevant: Ruminations on Technology, Leadership and the Future of Our Schools was the title of Friday’s Keynote Address by Scott McLeod, director of the Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education (CASTLE) at Iowa State.

Advances in technology and changes in the economy are putting pressure on industries and organizations that are based on information, such as the newspaper business, McLeod said. Routine mental work is disappearing (computers can do these tasks) and we are witnessing a rise in the creative class.

Education is not immune from these pressures.

“We can’t be like the landline phone companies who pooh-poohed cell phones,” said McLeod. In an environment of exponential change, “we can't change fast enough.”

McLeod set out two tasks for educators:

Move instruction up the cognitive ladder, away from the routine. Infuse digital tools into teaching and learning.

McLeod will post the slides from his presentation on his blog, Delegates quickly approved several proposed changes to resolutions, but engaged in a lively floor debate on language about charter schools. Ultimately, the delegates voted to retain the language in the association’s current resolution.

Delegates also discussed Race to the Top in an afternoon issues forum led by Acting Exec. Dir. Ann Clarke and Center for Education Policy and Practice Director Kathleen Skinner. Consideration of several proposed changed to bylaws was postponed to Saturday,

MTA Annual Meeting Day 2

The second business day of this year's Annual Meeting began with an inspiring sequence of awards. Please click here for the full story.

But the highlight of the day was the election of the BEA's own President, Timothy D. Sullivan, Ph.D., as incoming Vice-President of the Massachusetts Teachers Association. Tim garnered 980 votes of a possible 1154, obviously giving him a resounding victory. ( (Click here for Tim's Acceptance Speech.) Tim will resign his duties as BEA President and begin his new position on July 15, 2010. Paul Toner, current MTA Vice-President was elected President and will join Tim as the other half of our new state ledership team.

Other business conducted:

  • Approved a bylaw to add an at-large ESP seat to the MTA Executive Committee.
  • Defeated a bylaw to permit charter school employees to join the association.
  • Approved the proposed budget as presented.
  • Viewed a video message from NEA Pres. Dennis Van Roekel.
  • Paid tribute to out-going Pres. Anne Wass and presented her with the first MTA Friend of Labor Award.