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MTA Annual Meeting of Delegates 2008

MTA 2008Sixteen members of the Brockton Education Association attended the 2-day Massachusetts Teachers Association Annual Meeting of Delegates held at Boston's Hynes Auditorium May 9 and 10th. The Annual Meeting of Delegates, this the 163rd, is the time of the Wass-Toneryear when MTA member delegates, elected by their local associations, come together as one body and decide the bylaws, budget, proposed amendments, and new business of the association. Delegates voted to re-elect Anne Wass to her second term as MTA President and Paul Toner to his second term as MTA Vice-President. An MTA dues increase of $24.00 was adopted by delegates.

The first business session was called to order by Anne Wass, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. The Star Spangled Banner was sung by Andrew Barbato, student at Stoneham High School, studying under Mr. Bob Lague who was attending his 42nd Annual Meeting and who has served for many, many years as the official pianist for both the MTA and the NEA annual meetings. Bob is retiring from public education this year. Hopefully he will continue entertaining the delegation as a retired member! U.S. Senator John F. Kerry addressed the delegation and thanked the delegates for all that they do for the children of Massachusetts and further stated that although teachers may not always feel it or see it, they are always appreciated for the outstanding work they do for their students.

Mr. Tom Gosnell, president of the Massachusetts chapter of the American Federation of Teachers spoke to the delegates and was thanked by Paul Phillips of the Quincy Education Association for all the support the AFT gave the QEA during their tumultuous bargaining experience last year and for giving them, free of charge, their meeting hall for the QEA meetings.

MTA launched its campaign against income tax repeal. The MTA strongly opposes the November ballot initiative because it would devastate public education, the economy and our quality of life in Massachusetts. The consequences would be dire. A comprehensive overview was delivered by Mr. Peter Meade. Peter Meade

Coalition Opposes Ballot Measure
This ballot proposal is opposed by a growing coalition of labor, civic, human services and business organizations. Michael Widmer, president of the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation, a business-backed budget watchdog group, said, “The income tax repeal would have a dramatically negative impact on the Massachusetts economy. Essentially, the sponsors of this ballot question are attempting to repeal the 20th century.”
Information Ballot Initiative courtesy of: MTA

Timothy D. Sullivan, President of the Brockton Education Association gave a passionate address to the delegation about the dangers of this ballot measure by recalling the damage sustained by public education following the CLT Prop 2-1/2 and Tax Cap initiatives. (Click here for Mr. Sullivan's address.) (Large file, slower download.) Smaller file, quick download

Other meeting happenings of interest:

MTA Annual Meeting 2008 MTA Annual Meeting 2008
MTA Annual Meeting 2008 MTA Annual Meeting 2008
MTA Annual Meeting 2008 MTA Annual Meeting 2008
MTA Annual Meeting 2008 MTA Annual Meeting 2008
MTA Annual Meeting 2008 MTA Annual Meeting 2008
MTA Annual Meeting 2008 MTA Annual Meeting 2008
MTA Annual Meeting 2008
Above photos taken by Kathleen Ettinger, BEA Webmaster
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