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MCAS Budget Amendments

There are several amendments related to MCAS that are proposed to the House budget:

1. Rep Smizik's amendment #898 which postpones the grad requirement for 2 years and uses the money saved for class size reduction and the development of a comprehensive assessment system

2. Rep Peisch has an amendment #507 which allows a local option to award a diploma without passing MCAS

3. Rep Falzone # 583, 584 & 586 which would delay the graduation requirement until 2005 and apply the savings to school building assistence.

WE URGE YOU TO CALL YOU REPRESENTATIVE, TODAY AND URGE HER/HIM TO VOTE FOR ALL OF THESE AMENDMENTS. (It is not too late to sign on to the amendments). We still do not know what day these education amendments will come up in the House, but I am told it is not likely to be today, Monday.

If you do not know who your rep is you may find out by going to

Best regards,
Marilyn Segal
Director, Citizens for Public Schools

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