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Joe O'S Response to Merit Pay Rennie Forum

Observations on first read:

  1. Lowering the standards never improved the quality of a product! Why would lowering the standards for teachers improve the quality of our students education?

  2. How's the retention and track record of MINT teachers? The Bonus plan for them was a failure!

  3. The state of Tennessee "Value Added" 7% pay bonus was never funded...Why?

  4. The FY06 Ch 70 budget is less than FY 02. Why would you take needed revenue from underfunded schools & give it to a few teachers. How would PE & health, music, and art teachers qualify for bonuses based on test scores?

  5. As an award winning science teacher (National Association of Geology Teachers) I don't want "extra pay" for doing a good job, I want adequate pay because I wasn't the only one responsible for my students achievement Lets work on realistic pay for ALL teachers...that will improve education.

  6. No other profession refers to its members as "non- professional" for any period of time...why does the DOE list licensed teachers as nonprofessional for three years?

Joseph A. O'Sullivan
Brockton Education Association

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