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Ed-Insider May 23, 2003

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May 23, 2003


  • $20 Billion Fiscal Relief for States
  • 220 House Majority on GPO/WEP Repeal Bill

NEA members' messages were on the mark and made a difference again!

NEA kept its eye on the goal: fiscal relief for states struggling with the worst fiscal crises since World War II. NEA activists carried the day. House negotiators accepted the Senate-approved $20 billion in state fiscal relief.

The original House proposal for direct aid to states:
$ 0
The Senate-approved proposal for direct aid to states:
$20 billion
The final agreement for direct aid to states:
$20 billion

"… state fiscal relief in the tax package is a victory for Wisconsin and other states around the nation who are coping with unfunded federal mandates."
Gov. Jim Doyle, Wisconsin

The tax bill passed the House early Friday morning (5/23) and is expected to pass the Senate later in the day.

See funds coming to your state.

220 bipartisan cosponsors -- a House majority! -- sign on H.R. 594

NEA grassroots activists have won a House majority as cosponsors of H.R. 594, the House GPO/WEP repeal bill. NEA activists, in the first six months of this 108th Congress, have won the first committee hearing ever on GPO/WEP repeal and now the support of a bipartisan House majority as cosponsors of a repeal bill.

H.R. 594 (McKeon (R-CA)-Berman (D-CA) now has 220 cosponsors plus one nonvoting -a House majority!

Becerra (D-CA); Blunt (R-MO); Davis (Danny D-IL); Davis (Joanne R-VA); English (R-PA); Sanders (I-VT); Smith (Christopher R-NJ); Towns (D-NY); Velazquez (D-NY).

S. 349 (Feinstein (D-CA)-Collins (R-ME) has 19 cosponsors.

* Note! * This week you can visit or call your
Members of Congress at home during Congress' Memorial Day Recess, May 26-30.

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