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Reinventing Teacher Evaluation: Connecting Professional Practice with Student Learning
BEA Leadership & Members March in 114th Huntington School Memorial Day Parade

MTA President Paul Toner & MA Business Alliance for Education Exec. Dir. Linda Noonan on New State Regs on Teacher Evaluation

TENSIONS OVER PENSIONS......more information to share with members, colleagues, friends and family. (March 19, 2011)
THE MYTHS ABOUT UNIONS......when you are asked by your members, colleagues, friends and family what unions do or why we need them, please share with them this article by MTA President, Paul Toner. (March 6, 2011)

BEA President's End of Year 2010 Report
NCLB -- 2-Year Report Card
Tim Sullivan Elected MTA Vice-President!
MTA Annual Meeting-2010 & Photo Gallery

BHS Business Teacher Bill Ryle Meets Real Star of The Pursuit of Happyness
MTA 2009 Annual Meeting Held May 1-2
BPS Staff Wellness Program
Brockton Teachers Formally Endorse City Power Plant Proposal
BEA Members Honored at P.C.E.A. Awards Dinner
Norfolk County Teachers Association & Framingham State College Team Up to Offer
Master of Arts - Educational Leadership-

NEA-RA 2008 Highlights
BEA Retirees Reception Held June 3, 2008
2008 MTA Annual Meeting of Delegates
BEA President Tim Sullivan Testifies for MTA
Against Repeal of MA State Income Tax

Memorandum of Agreement
Appendix C - Three-Tiered Busing Agreement
Appendix D - Joint Study Committee Proposals
(These are Study Committee issues ONLY - not issues already bargained. They WILL BE bargained during Study Committee Sessions.)
130 New Teachers Join The BPS and the BEA!

NEA-RA 2007
Retirees Reception Held June 7th
MTA 2007 Annual Meeting
Ashfiled School 6th Grader Wins Reading Contest, School Receives Library Books
NEA RA 2006

MTA Annual Meeting 2006(video)
BEA Retirement Party 2006
MTA 2006 Annual Meeting of House of Delegates
May 2006 Rep Council Training Dinner

Rennie Center E-Forum Report on Merit Pay
Joe O'S Response to Merit Pay Rennie Forum
An open letter to the BEA -- And all interested parties:
Respect Public Service: -- Repeal Social Security Offsets --GET INVOLVED NOW!!!
Protect Your Health Benefits -- As Now Mandated By Law BOE Minutes - 11/29/05

California Charter School Fraud

Ed-Insider: June 24, 2005 -- Bill Helps Educators Pay Classroom Expenses
Ed-Insider: June 10, 2005 -- House Committee Cuts Funding for No Child Left Behind

Ed-Insider: May 27, 2005 --Last minute compromise, upholds our Constitution's principle of checks and balances and the filibuster, or unlimited debate
Ed-Insider: May 13, 2005 -- President Bush Admits Plan Would Cut Social Security Benefits
Ed-Insider: April 15, 2005 -- April 26 Senate Hearing To Take Up Social Security Privatization

Scientists Call For Deeper Science Education -- Not More MCAS Tests!
"We Don't Need More Testing" -- Joe O'Sullivan Responds to Gov. Romney
NEA Files No Child Left Behind Lawsuit
2005 NEA -- Representative Assembly Story, Slides & Video
2005 MTA Annual Meeting
BHS Teacher Melissa McLaughlin -- Wins Culinary Arts Award

"Secretary Paige, you owe ME an apology. I am the NEA!" -- Ed-Insider, Feb. 24, 2004
Social Security Offset:  Please read -- call your Legislators TODAY!!!
MTA's Attorney Ira Fader -- Addresses BEA Rep Council
Respect Public Service: -- Repeal Social Security Offsets
Activist Alert -- January 9th: Budget Negotiators Shortchange Kids

The Daily Mis-Leader -- Read & Be Informed!
BEA President Joe O'Sullivan -- writes in opposition to Romney's Plan to Lift Charter Caps
Charter School Funding Headed -- by MA Board of Ed Chairman?
MTA Blasts -- Romney's Plan to Lift Charter Caps
MTA President Responds -- to Romney's State of State Address

Ed-Insider April 2, 2004 -- IDEA - Closing the Special Education Funding Gap
Ed-Insider Feb. 6, 2004 -- Bush's 2005 Budget Not Good for Public School Students
Ed-Insider December 4, 2003 -- School Vouchers
Ed-Insider December 3, 2003 -- Medicare
Ed-Insider November 19, 2003 -- School Vouchers
Ed-Insider November 14, 2003 -- School Vouchers
Ed-Insider November 7, 2003 -- School Vouchers
Ed-Insider October 17, 2003 -- School Vouchers

Social Security Offset
NEA National Day to Repeal
Social Security Offsets

NEW TEACHER Newsletter -- Fall 2003

Mold Removal Project -- at Keith School Completed
Mold in Massachusetts Schools -- from MTA Today
Brockton Student Wins -- MTA Red Sox Reading Game
Welcome Back Letter -- to BEA Members from Joe O' Sullivan
NEA RA 2003 --BEA Members Attend!

NEA Guides for Parents
War with Iraq -- Teacher links for classroom use.
MCAS -- Waiver Legislation Proposal
ESEA Alert -- July 24, 2003
ESEA Alert -- July 15, 2003 with NEA RA Updates

Education Overrides -- approved by the MA Legislature
BAMSI Attire for Hire -- Program needs your help!
URGENT! READ IMMEDIATELY! -- Employers move to change health insurance benefits.
BEA Year End Report 2003 -- Letter from Joe O'Sullivan

Ed-Insider - June 13, 2003 -- The NEA Bill is on the Hill!
ESEA Alert -- June 2003
Ed-Insider - May 23, 2003 -- NEA Grassroots in Action!
ESEA Alert -- May 19, 2003
BEA Contract Ratification -- Contract Ratification News Release -- MTA's Web site for the campaign for education funding.
MCAS Budget Amendments
Ed-Insider - May 9, 2003 -- ACTION ALERT! -- May 14 National Call in Day

Szimik MCAS Amendment -- Call your rep to sign on to this today!
Thank the local State Delegation -- For their support on the budget crisis & more!

Sen. Kerry on the Tax Cut, the War -- Read his responsive letter to Joe O'Sullivan
E-Day March --Crucial that you make your voice heard on June 11!
Ed-Insider - May 6, 2003 -- Educate Congress on Tax Cuts vs. America's Public Schools!
MCAS Failure -- Will hold up graduation
If you are RIF'd -- An MTA Guide for Teachers

NEA Education Insider - April 25, 2003 -- Social Security Offset Hearing May 1, 2003
NEA Education Insider - April 17, 2003 -- Bush's proposed tax cut jeopardizes education.....
2003 Mass Care Convention -- April 12, 2003
Social Security Offset Hearing -- April 2, 2003
Joe O'Sullivan Testifies --For Continued Education Funding, March 10, 2003

NEA Education Insider - March 2003 -- Will Congress Do The Right Thing for Education Funding?
MASC on Romney's Budget
MCAS Opinions & Editorials -- Read what a Quincy educator has to say......
City of Champions Brockton High School -- Makes progress!
Pat Cook, RN Testifies -- For Continued Education Funding, March 10, 2003

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